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Going Home Procedure
If a student is to be sent home or needs hospitalization because of an illness, the parents and the class teachers will be notified. Students are not permitted to call home due to illness. ONLY the Nurse on Duty is authorized to contact the parents/guardian of the child who is to be picked up from school due to illness.

 The student will stay in the Infirmary until he is fetched. The fetcher must pick up the child in the Infirmary. The student will not be allowed to go out of the Infirmary without the fetcher present.

Some instances in which the student will be sent home:
1.    Temperature is 37.8 C & ABOVE,
2.    There is excess vomiting, diarrhea or severe abdominal pain
3.    Distressing cough
4.    Red, inflamed, or discharging eyes
5.    Rashes suspected to be contagious such as scabies, skin diseases, etc.
6.    Persistent headache
7.    Dental Emergencies
8.    Other instances where according to the medical officer's judgment, they are too ill to be in school

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