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1)    The main service we extend is the primary care and the symptomatic relief of common illnesses using proven safe and efficacious drugs (e.g. paracetamol for fever). 

2)    Medication Procedures
a)    Antibiotics will be given only upon presentation of prescription of the family doctor. Photocopies of prescription are also accepted. NO PRESCRIPTION, NO MEDICATION will be GIVEN.

b)    Each student is responsible for going to the clinic
    to ask for his medication. At the end of the school
      year, all medications that are not collected by the
      parent or guardian will be discarded.

c)    Maintenance Medications. For students with asthma, allergies, seizures, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other diseases,  parents must give an official medical certificate regarding the diagnosis of their child. It should have instructions for administration of maintenance medications in cases of acute attacks. The student must bring their own maintenance medicine to the infirmary.

d)    A nebulizer is available in the infirmary for acute asthmatic attacks. For maintenance nebulization, please note section (c).
3)    The infirmary conducts yearly physical examination
for the students.

4)    The  dental  service  provides   palliative/temporary  treatment  for  toothache  and  extraction  of wobbling  deciduous/milk  teeth.  Otherwise,
the student is referred to his own family dentist.

5)    An isolation room, located in the Main Infirmary, is provided to accommodate patients with communicable diseases.   This is to prevent transmission of the infection caused by droplet/airborne route.

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