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Dental Mission in Quezon City
ACED Dental Mission at Doña Rosario ES
An Ondoy-affected public school in Quezon City

As part of the Ateneo Center for Educational Development’s (ACED) total school development approach, the school profiling activity conducted by the Quezon City team has noted the importance of health, including dental health, in the children’s performance in school. This was the driving force behind the dental mission conducted at Doña Rosario ES last February 15, 2010 in partnership with Gotuaco, Del Rosario and Associates, Inc.

Up to a hundred students from Doña Rosario ES underwent tooth extraction. The student-patients moved through four stations wherein they were registered, interviewed by nurses, treated by the volunteer dentists, given medicine and free dental kits.

During the recent Typhoon Ondoy, Doña Rosario ES was one of the heavily damaged schools because of its proximity to a creek. Many school furniture, equipment and files were destroyed by the flood. During the school profiling visit conducted after the typhoon, the Quezon City team learned that the school is slowly recovering from Ondoy’s onslaught. Based on the survey conducted by ACED, fifty-four percent (54%) of the parents cited ‘toothache’ as the top hindrance affecting their children’s performance in school.

The dental mission would not have been a success without the unwavering support of the school principal, teachers and parents from Doña Rosario ES. We would also like to extend our thanks to the volunteers from Gotuaco, Del Rosario and Associates, Inc. Last but certainly not the least; special thanks go out to our volunteer dentists headed by Dr. Maria Victoria Reyes.

By: Amelia Lorena Perez
Project Coordinator for QC Project

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