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Updates: 4th District, NE
School Profiling
As of March 2009, 45 public schools in the following municipalities in the 4th District, NE were profiled:

Municipality of Gen. Tinio
1.    Bago ES
2.    Gen. Tinio Central ES
3.    Gen. Tinio East Central ES

Municipality of Jaen
1.    Calabasa ES
2.    Hilera ES
3.    Imbunia ES
4.    Jaen Central ES
5.    Jaen West ES
6.    Lambakin ES
7.    Lambakin NHS
8.    Langla ES
9.    Magsalisi East ES
10.  Magsalisi West ES
11.  Malabon Kaingin ES
12.  Marawa ES
13.  Niyugan ES
14.  Pakul ES
15.  Pamacpacan ES
16.  Pinanggaan ES
17.  Putlod ES
18.  Putlod-San Jose NHS
19.  San Jose ES
20.  San Josef ES
21.  San Pablo ES
22.  San Pedro Rural Bliss ES
23.  San Vicente ES
24.  Sta. Rita ES
25.  Sapang ES
26.  Sto. Tomas South ES
27.  Sto. Tomas North ES
28.  Ulanin-Pitak ES

Municipality of San Antonino
1.    Buliran ES
2.    Cama Juan ES
3.    Hacienda ES
4.    Julo ES
5.    Lawang Kupang ES
6.    Lorenza M. Tinio ES
7.    Luyos ES
8.    Maugat ES
9.    Panabingan ES
10.  Papaya ES
11.  San Antonio Central ES
12.  San Mariano East ES
13.  Sta. Barbara North ES
14.  Sta. Barbara South ES

Teacher Renewal Workshop
Manumbalik MULI
April 22, 2008

Through the assistance of the College of the Immaculate Conception (CIC), a Teacher Renewal Program entitled Manumbalik MULI: Misyon, Ligaya at Inspirasyon, was held last April 22, 2008 at the CIC, Cabanatuan City.  A total of 663 elementary and high school teachers attended the program.  Aside from providing the venue for this event, the CIC grade school and high school teachers volunteered as facilitators during the small group sharing sessions.

Training for Day Care Workers
July 21, 2008

    An orientation and training on how to use the Guide for Helping Children Read was conducted last July 21, 2008 for 283 day care worker teachers. from the towns of Peñaranda, Jaen, Cabiao, San Isidro, San Antonio and Gapan City.  Ms. Paz Jose, a seasoned faculty at the Ateneo de Manila Grade School, was invited to give the training.  She has shared different teaching methodologies to the participants on how to strengthen the reading abilities of the children.
    During the workshop, the participants were given supplementary materials with a CD and a Big Book which would aid the teachers in teaching the students read more effectively.

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