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Ozanam Award
First Awardee: Augusto  Cortez                               Recipients :  52

The Ozanam Award was founded by the Ateneo de Manila in 1937 for the purpose of giving honor to Christians who have given distinctive and continued service to their fellowmen in accordance with the principles of Justice and Charity.  It is given only to laymen or laywomen, and it is intended to emphasize the fact that Catholics and other Christians are also Citizens. The better the Catholic and/or Christian, and the more closely he/she lives up to the social teachings of the Church, the better citizen he/she is, and vice versa.  The Award is named after Frederick Ozanam, now Saint, the great French Catholic leader, who founded the St. Vincent de Paul Society for the relief of the poor.

Eligibility/Criteria for Selection

The nominee for the Ozanam Award should be:

 1.     Any Filipino citizen, layman or laywoman, Catholic or other Christians.

2.     Involved in his/her work for a significant number of years.

3.     A man or woman of outstanding moral and spiritual integrity in his/her private and public life.

4.     Outstanding in the performance of his/her chosen vocation to which he/she gives himself/herself with unerring devotion and commitment.

5.     Has manifested in his/her private and public life and activities, a fidelity and loyalty to Church and country, and concern for wider social good.  Known to be personally committed to and motivated by Gospel values and his/her Christian faith.

6.     Giving unmistakable evidence beyond the ordinary of an understanding of social justice and of social transformation; and giving tangible proofs of this in the service he/she gives to his/her fellowmen, especially the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, the sick, the suffering– in faith, justice and love.

Awardees :

2009 - Eriberto B. Misa, Jr.
2008 - Sumilao Farmers with Arlene “Kaka” Bag-ao
2007 - Jose M. Tiongco, M.D.
              Charles L. Cheng, M.D.
2006 - Teofilo T. Bangayan
2005 - Merlie B. Mendoza
2004 - Cecilio K. Pedro
2003 - Antonio P. Meloto, Jr.
2002 - Ma. Cecilia H. Magsaysay
2001 - Rosemarie M. Cabrera    (Posthumous)
2000 - Rey Magno Teves
1999 - Jose T. & Teresita Quintos-Deles
1998 - Teresita D. Baltazar
1997 - Ma. Teresa F. Nieva
1996 - Couples for Christ
1995 - Billie Mary “Betty” Go-Belmonte    (Posthumous)
1994 - Hector D. & Corazon Juliano-Soliman
              Eddie G. & Florencia Casanova-Dorotan
1993 - Ernesto D. Garilao
1991 - Mina M. Ramirez
              Ronald P. Guzman
              Robert P. Guzman
1990 - Fasters for the Forest of Bukidnon
1989 - Leonor C. Sevilla
1988 - Jose Ma. Lucas
1986 - Howard Q. Dee 
1984 - Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo
1982 - Victor J. Baltazar
1981 - Miguel A. Magsaysay
1980 - Jesus dela Paz
              Trinidad dela Paz
1979 - Genaro V. Ong, Jr. (Posthumous)
1978 - Christian Family Movement
1977 - Antonio V. Ayala (Posthumous)
              Antonio B. Lambino, Sr.
1976 - Jesus de Veyra
1971 - Juan C. Tan
1970 - Maximo Soliven
1969 - Onofre Pagsanghan
1968 - Most Rev. Msgr. Antonio Y. Fortich, D.D.
1966 - Josefina Constantino
1961 - Francisco Ortigas, Jr.
1960 - Felicidad Alvarez Silva
1959 - Jesus A. Paredes, Jr. (Posthumous)
1957 - Jesus M. Tan
1954 - Lorenzo Tañada
1953 - Lulu Reyes Besa
1949 - Josefa Gonzales de Estrada
1948 - Benjamin Gaston
1939 - Mariano Santos
1938 - Aurora A. Quezon
1937 - Augusto Cortez

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