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Bukas Palad Award (Peypoch Award)
Peypoch Award  (1963)

First Awardee: Msgr. Jose Javellanos             Recipients : 53

The Award, originally Peypoch Award, was first given in 1963 to Msgr. Jose Jovellanos.  It is named in memory of Fr. Manuel Peypoch of the Society of Jesus who taught at the Ateneo de Manila and distinguished himself in serving the Jesuit Order, the Church and society in the areas of education and culture, in social and human development concerns. 

The Award was renamed BUKAS-PALAD AWARD to capture the Ignatian spirit of "Generosity" and to give recognition to the unconditional, dedicated service of Religious in Christ's Kingdom.  Motivated by Gospel values, his/her notable and invaluable contribution is an unmistakable evidence beyond the ordinary of an understanding of the prophetic role of the Church in today’s world and giving tangible proofs of this in the service given to his/her fellowmen,especially the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, the sick, the suffering-in faith, justice and love.  The award is also meant to remind Ateneans past and present of the need and worthwhileness of priestly and religious vocation (still so badly needed in the Church), for the service of God, the Church, our people, and the cause of the Kingdom of God.                                                


Jesuits not  “to be in competition” for the University Bukas Palad Award.


2009 - Rev. Ciriaco A. Sevilla, Jr. (Posthumous)
2008 - Very Rev. Antonio M Pernia, SVD
2007 - Fr. Edward F. Malone, M.M.       
2006 - Fr. Eliseo R. Mercado, OMI
              Fr. Charlito Cerio Colendres (Posthumous)
              Sr. La Croix de Jesus Ilagan, SPC
2004 - Sr. Christine Tan, RGS (Posthumous)
2003 - Msgr. Sabino A. Vengco, Jr.
Rev. Luis E. Iriarte, SDB
Rev. Walter J. Maxcy, M.M.
Rev. Francis Chapman, MSSC
Rev. Michel de Gigord, MEP
Rev. Rhoel D. Gallardo, CMF  
Heroic Filipino Priests, Brother and Nuns in East Timor
Sr. Cecilia del Mundo, FMA
Sr. Olivia Sadaya, FMA
Sr. Maria Fe Silva, FMA
Sr. Marivic Sombero, FMA
Sr. Evangelina Evangelista, OP
Sr. Marylu Mariano, OP
Sr. Pelagia Virtudazo, OP
Sr. Petronila Lalic, CM
Sr. Ester Padilla, CM
Sr. Susan Nimfa Timbal, CM
Rev. Edmund Barreta, SDB
Rev. Rolando Fernandez, SDB
Rev. Ramoncito Padilla, SDB
Rev. Aguedo Palomo, SDB
Rev. Jose San Juan, SDB
Bro. Ephrem Santos, SDB
Rev. Noel Villafuerte, SDB
Rev. Andrew Wong, SDB
Rev. Cyrus Claro V. Banque, CMF    
Rev. Renato B. Manubag, CMF
Rev. Ricardo T. Salomon, CMF
Sr. Mary Baradero, SPC
Sr. Carmen Pangilinan, SPC
Sr. Bernadette Velayo, SPC
Sr. Edna Machilas, FdCC
Sr. Violeta San Miguel, FdCC
Sr. Charito Torrefranca, MM
Msgr. Jose C. Abriol
Sr. M. Soledad Hilado, OSB
Rev. Domingo M. Moraleda, CMF
Mother Mary Aurora, SSpSAP (Josefina Marasigan)
Bishop Benjamin D. de Jesus, O.M.I, D.D. (Posthumous)
Sr. Victoria Pascasio, S.Sp.S.
Sr. Ramona Mendiola, I.C.M.
Msgr. Francisco G. Tantoco Jr.
Archbishop MarianoG. Gaviola, D.D., J.C.D.
Rev. Lino F. Banayad, S.J. (Posthumous)
1992 - Bishop Bienvenido S. Tudtud, D.D.(Posthumous)
1991 - Bishop Gaudencio B. Rosales, D.D.
Bro. James Dunne, S.J.
Sr. Mary Assumption Ocampo, RGS
Sr. Patricia Marie Callan
Ms. Mathilde Buhl Beckers
Sr. Mary Dorothy O’Connor, RGS
Sr. Milagros Dayrit, R.A.
Sr. Maria Socorro Angela Reyes, SPC
Sr. Eusebia Vilanueva, SPC  
The Society of the Divine Word
Rev. Benigno P. Dagani, S.J.
Religious of the Virgin Mary
Sr. Valeriana Baerts, I.C.M.
Sr. Auxilindis Streibel, S.Sp.S
1981 - Rev. Leo A. Cullum, S.J.
Most Rev. Gerard Mongeau, O.M.I.
Rev. Ruben Villote
Rev. Walter B. Hogan, S.J.
Sr. Redempta Biltereyst, I.C.M.
Rev. Thomas McMahon, C.Sr.R
Rev. Leo Hofstee, O.P.
Rev. Henry L. Irwin, S.J.
Rev. John A. Pollock, S.J.  
1972 - Rev. William J. Galvin, M.M.
Rev. Luis Jalandoni
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dominga Librea
1963 - Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jose N. Jovellanos

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