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How you can help schools in Bacnotan
The profiling process helped in identifying various ways in which interested institutions and individuals can support the total school development of the 17 public elementary and integrated schools in Bacnotan, La Union.  Those who wish to support school development in Bacnotan may do so in the following ways:

1.  Major Projects
Financing the construction of school buildings to replace dilapidated structures or to support the expansion of the schools.
Development of school libraries or science laboratories.
Installation of water systems (pressurized tanks or jetmatic pumps).
Renovation and repair of buildings (replacement of roof and ceiling; repair of termite-infested walls; installation of glass windows).
Construction of comfort rooms.
Donation of school chairs or desks.

2. Provision of Services
   - Conducting medical and dental missions
   - Conducting feeding programs
   - Serving as facilitator in ACED seminar-workshops

3. Donations in Kind
   - Computers and printers
   - Audio-visual equipment: overhead projectors, LCD projectors, screen
   - Science laboratory equipment
   - Sports equipment for softball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, table tennis, chess
   - Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, SRA kits
   - Sets of textbooks, preferably enough for one class
   - Sets of English of Filipino literature books for elementary or high school, preferably enough for one class
   - Instructional videos
   - Ceiling fans or stand fans for the classrooms
   - Musical instruments

4. Cash Donations - even small cash donations can support the following:
  - Purchase of workbooks for one class
  - Purchase of laboratory equipment
   - Provision of a basic supply of medicine for the schools

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