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School Profiling

Coming up with a profile for each school involves the conduct of a survey as well as a school visit.  Survey forms are distributed to the school head, the school registrar or clerk, the teachers, the parents and the barangay captain.  Information from these survey forms is then collated.  The findings from the survey are then validated in a school visit, which involves interviews with the school head and the barangay captain, focus group discussions with teachers, with parents and with students, class observations and inspection of school facilities.  The information gathered from the survey and the school visit is then consolidated into a profile report, which is submitted to the municipal office and the DepEd district office.

Survey forms were distributed and collected within July 2009.  This was made possible by the cooperation and hard work of the school heads under the determined leadership of district supervisor Millares.  Data was collated by the project officer with the help of many generous student volunteers from the ADMU Loyola Schools (including those doing community service) as well as some volunteers from the university personnel.

School visits were conducted in three batches.  Ten schools were visited on August 10-14, 2009, three schools were visited on August 20, 2009 and the remaining four schools were visited on September 24-25, 2009.  The first and third batches of school visits were conducted by a volunteer team of professionals--current and former teachers of the Ateneo Grade School and the Ateneo High School and a former JVP.  The second batch of visits was conducted by a mix of professionals and Th141 immersion students.  Vice Mayor Fontanilla, District Supervisor Millares, the heads and teachers of each of the schools, the Nebres family and the Bacnotan community generously saw to the needs of the volunteer profilers.

Seven profile reports have been completed and the other ten will be completed by March 2010.

The profiles will be of great use to the stakeholders of each school as they undertake strategic planning for the school's total development.  The profiles may also prove useful to the municipal government of Bacnotan, the Department of Education, and other institutions and individuals who are interested in building Bacnotan through education.



FGD with students

FGD with teachers

Manumbalik MULI:
Renewal Colloquium for Public School Teachers

On October 29, 2009, almost all of the teachers from the 17 schools in the Bacnotan district came together at the Bacnotan District Conference Center to attend the Manumbalik MULI (Misyon Ligaya at Inspirasyon): A Renewal Colloquium for Public School TeachersManumbalik is a one-day module that ACED conducts in order to nourish the passion of public school teachers for their vocation of teaching.

The module bagan with opening remarks from Mrs. Carmela C. Oracion, ACED Managing Director.  After the opening words, two thought-provoking videos were shown - one depicting the hopeful turnaround story of Lupang Pangako Elementary School, and the other featuring a well-loved story of the power of a teacher to make a difference in a student's life.  The highlight of the morning was the inspirational talk of the esteemed Ateneo High School master teacher Dr. Onofre Pagsanghan on the theme "Love Your Calling with Passion: it is the meaning of your life."  The talk elicited much laughter and moved many to tears.

In the afternoon, the 197 teacher-participants continued to rekindle their sense of purpose as they reflected and shared on how they would want to be remembered as teachers.  The small group sharing sessions were charged with emotion, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  As a closing activity, summary points from the group sharing were presented in the form of murals made by the teachers in each group.

The teachers' renewal activity was made possible through the help of District Supervisor Millares, who prepared the venue and coordinated with the participating schools, the school heads who helped with the registration and the facilitation of some of the small groups, and Mayor and Vice Mayor Fontanilla who financed many of the seminar expenses. 

Dr. Onofre Pagsanghan giving a talk on Lowing Your Calling with Passion

Small Group Discussion

Wrapping it up with a Collage
Other Updates

- The Bacnotan district schools purchased lesson guides for Grade 1-6 Math and English from ACED.

- Grade 6 workbooks for English and Science produced by ACED were donated to two schools through the generosity of anonymous donors.

- Through ACED, the Terra Nova Asian Club donated 80 pairs of children's slippers to selected students from the 17 Bacnotan schools.

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