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Indigenizing Education in a Kalinga Public School


Dananao Elementary School has continued its partnership with the Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) through its AYAD Volunteer, Maria Cameron and her husband Edwin Wise for the development and publication of indigenized educational materials.

Apart from the commitment of ACED in providing similar targeted interventions such as trainings and providing of instructional materials, ACED has deepened the relationship with the school by helping it to produce indigenous instructional materials for the students.

ACED was granted Php 275,000.00 from the Australina Government's Direct Aid Program to cover publishing costs.  Twenty one colorfully-illustrated Ichananaw story books were produced which re-tell some of the Ichananaws legends, fables and history.  The books were written in Chinananaw (the Ichananaw's indigenous language), English and Filipino.  Each story was told orally and reviewed by the Ichananaws and translated by Maria Cameron in English and in Filipino by some Ateneo faculty members respectively.  The books were illustrated by Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan (Ang INK) artists pro bono, members of the tribe and Maria and Edwin.  Other materials that were produced are the Ichananaw Knowledge Bank that consists of nine hardbound volumes of secondary materials gathered during the visit, Annaja Ukali Ta-u (Here is our Culture) that contains some accounts of Ichananaw beliefs, practices and customs along with a collection of 34 songs composed by an Ichananaw, and Ichananaw Songs and Stories which is a compilation of over 60 Ichananaw songs and stories.  A coffee table book entitled "Namamfaru gway imis ru-atana na achu gway bendisyon" (A warm smile opens the door to many blessings) comprising different photographs of the tribe's current way of life and a Chinanaw-English-Ilocano-Tagalog Dictionary comprising almost 2,000 words and phrases documented during the five months visit of Maria and Edwin.  The materials were launched and presented on July 10, 2009 at the Australian Embassy ( during the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week 2009.  Maria and Edwin were supported on this project by the Philippines Australia Studies Centre of La Trobe University, Australia and the AuAID-funded VIDA Volunteer program.

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