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AYAD (Australian Youth Ambassador for Development)
The Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) Program is an Australian Government, AusAID initiative which supports skilled young Australians who want to live, work and make a difference in the Asia Pacific region.  AYADs work with local Host Organizations and Australian Partners to achieve sustainable development through capacity building, skills exchange and institutional strengthening.

Last year, SY 2008-2009, AYAD partnered with ACED by sending an Australian Volunteer in the person of Ms. Maria Angela Cameron.  Ms. Cameron's contribution to ACED was indeed beneficial which resulted to the development of the school profiling instruments which is now being used by ACED profilers.

Inspired by her experiences in the Quezon City Public Schools Development Project, dubbed as E-KASI QC!, Ms. Cameron created her own mini-public school project in a Kalinga Public School - the Dananao Elementary School, which she articulated in her report entitled Indigenizing Education in a Kalinga Public School.  One of the important intervention that she was able to successfully realize was the development of indigenized educational materials for the students of Dananao ES which was funded by the Australina Aid under its VIDA Volunteer Program.

This year, SY 2009-2010, ACED welcomes Ms. Emma Fawcett, ACED's new Australian Youth Ambassador (AYAD) Volunteer.  Ms. Fawcett used to work with a human rights-based organization in Thailand where she maintains the organization's realationship with its corporate and community partners.  She also took part in a community development study tour through RMIT University, Australian and Miriam College, Quezon City where she also had the opportunity to volunteer in Bahay Tuluyan.  Ms. Fawcett's task, as Program Evaluation Officer, is mainly to conduct comprehensive, office-wide evaluation of ACED's strategies for engagement with public schools.  She joined ACED last November 2009 and will end on October 2010.

Maria Angela Cameron

Emma Fawcett

To know more about AYAD and its programs, visit their website:

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