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Monthly Lesson Study

The monthly Lesson Study for LEAP partner schools is an adaptation of the Japanese Lesson Study which consists of "preparation, actual class, and class review sessions" done by teachers in collaboration with other teachers.

Currently a topic of worldwide attention, Lesson Study is a process in which teachers progressively strive to improve their teaching methods by working with other teachers to examine and critique one another's teaching techniques.

The monthly Lesson Study for LEAP partner schools is a collaborative lesson planning session held once a month in preparation for a particular lesson the following month.  In the monthly Lesson Study, representative teachers from the partner schools teaching the same grade or year level come to gather to do the following:

a. brainstorm on different ways a pre-selected topic in the subject area can
    be taught by looking back at their previous year's experiences and agree on
    the number of days (sessions) the topic should be taught (2-3 sessions)

b. agree on a common approach or strategy by which the pre-selected
    topic can be taught and agree on the number of days (sessions) the topic
    should be taught (2-3 sessions)

c. design a session plan for each of the sessions necessary to teach the
    pre-selected topic following the prescribed format

d. agree on specific assignments e.g. Finalization of the session plans,
    preparation of instructional aids

The pre-selected topic must be an important lesson for the coming month, preferably a lesson that many teachers find hard to teach or a lesson that is among the students' least mastered skills.

The ultimate goal of the TF-NIE LEAP programme is to provide a platform for education practitioners in Asia to enhance their leadership capabilities through a holistic approach, leading to an environment of sustainable change.  The programme will be customised and extended to cover more schools in Asia over the next few years, to create a strong network of education practitioners and leaders who can share their knowledge, technology and experiences across regional boundaries.

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