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LS Review School of Humanities Online
LS Review School of Humanities Online

"...Finely-argued essays, well researched studies, intensely creative poetry are what this first issue is all about. Such a rich harvest from all disciplines augurs well for the future of this new journal."

-Soledad S. Reyes
Quezon City, 5 November 2001

Table of Contents
From the Editor

Karl-Otto Apel’s Discourse Ethics, Ramon C. Reyes
Reading Nature as Sãdhanã in Simone Weil , J. Ranilo B. Hermida
The Discourse of Rights, Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez
The Allegory as Resistance in Selected Tagalog Texts, Jonathan O. Chua
Kung Ang Isalubong sa Iyong Pagdating. . . , Jerry C. Respeto

Review Articles
The Return of Beauty, Ramon E.S. Lerma
Hermeneutical Theory and the Quest for the Historical Jesus, Michael H. Asis

Ang Kanilang Mga Pangalan / Mariang Kalabasa / Matanda sa Bintana / Taglamig, Michael M. Coroza
Kaninang Umaga, Rofel G. Brion
Passover / Alat / Laing, Joseph T. Salazar
Kay Anne Sexton (S.L.N.) / Pagtatapat / Pagsasanay sa Iyong Pag-alis, Jose Mario C.Francisco, S.J.,
Dilim, Marvin R. Reyes
Pahina, Elizabeth G. Morales
For Eve, Francis Tanglao Aguas
Thinking of Mermaids / Motion and Rest, John B. Labella

About the Authors
About the Authors

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