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Lesson Guides in Elementary English
The Lesson Guides prepared by the Department of Education and the Ateneo de Manila were designed to help teachers in their day-to-day teaching.  Consequently, teacher training focused on materials and activities that guide and support teachers in their day-to-day teaching as opposed to enrichment topics, use of technology and similar approaches.

Each Lesson Guide includes:
  • objectives for the lesson

  • development of the lesson

  • suggested examples and exercises

  • suggested teaching strategies with provisions for higher order thinking skills (HOTS), multiple intelligences (MI) and values integration

Each Lesson Guide is some sort of compilation of "how would you go about teaching this lesson" using strategies and approaches that experienced elementary and high school teachers have tried out and seen to be effective in the field.

In reposnse to the positive feedback from teachers on the use of Mathematics Lesson Guides and the encouraging results from the evaluation of the TEEP, DepEd Secretary, Jesli Lapus, authorized in April 2007 the development of Lesson Guides in Elementary English.  Once again DepEd and the Ateneo de Manila embarked on another important project.

The Lesson Guides in Elementary English have now been developed and printed and have been used in training 1,995 teachers from the lowest performing schools in the country last summer 2008.  Each of these schools have been provided one complete set (Grade 1-6) of Lesson Guides in Elementary English. 

The printing of these English Lesson Guides has been made possible through the generous support of Splash Foundation, Inc., through Drs. Rolando and Rosalinda Hortaleza, Mr. Washington SyCip and the Ateneo de Manila University.

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