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Leadership Development

Principals and Heads of Departments of participating schools were invited to Singapore to attend educational leadership programs.

Through these programs, school heads of both countries had opportunities to collaborate and develop leadership and strategic practices to benefit educational systems in schools.  These practices were contextualized to meet the needs of schools in the Philippines. 

Teacher Development

New and existing teachers in the Philippines were invited to apply for scholarships under the LEAP program to attend the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in NIE.  Those who qualify have the opportunity to be immersed in the Singapore education system.  Upon graduation, these tacher-scholars are expected to share new skills with their peers and potentially impact future generations of students whom they teach when they return to the Philippines.

Teachers from the Loyola Schools (Department of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Science teachers from the High School gave refresher courses for those who applied for the scholarship.

Professional Development

Educators and leaders who have gone through the above programs are expected to help propagate innovative teaching practices in their schools and to a wider community.  Working towards developing self-sustaining communities of practice, the participating schools grouped into clusters and educational leaders of each cluster formed a committee to organize professional development activities and to cultivate innovative teaching practices.  To synergize with the school communities, Ateneo and NIE provided trainers of specific pedagogical fields to conduct and facilitate these workshops.

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