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Our Partners
Many people and groups seem to be genuinely interested to help in the improvement and development of public schools in the country and are looking for focused, concrete and sustainable initiatives.

In the Ateneo de Manila, various groups have now integrated their own programs and projects within the framework of ACED.

    Ateneo Grade School
    Bigay Puso Program now works with ACED partner schools;

    Ateneo High School
    has designated one ACED partner school as a CSIP center;
    Loyola Schools Theology 141 Classes
    carry out their immersion program with ACED

    ASMPH Classes
    have started to do their practicum work with ACED

    Ateneo de Zamboanga
    has embarked on a project involving the development
    of selected public schools in Zamboanga using the strategies
    and materials being used by ACED

While a lot has been accomplished so far, so much more needs to be done and those who are interested can contribute significantly to this effort by
  • replicating the over-all strategy (profiling, strategic planning, targeted interventions) in other geographical areas in the scale of individual schools or clusters of schools (districts or divisions)

  • supporting the delivery of the various programs, services and activities of ACED

Public elementary and secondary education in the Philippines continues to face many serious problems today and these have to be addressed if we are to shape a brighter future for our country.

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  • The Rotary Club of Makati

  • The Insular Life Assurance Co., Ltd.

  • Atty. Rodney & Enedina Jacob

  • Guam Community

  • St. Francis Xavier School and Brophy College Preparatory, Phoenix AZ, USA

  • AYAD (Australian Youth Ambassador for Development)