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Justitia room in the Ateneo Law School
Honors Scholarships
Rules for ALAAI Honors Scholarships
As approved by the ALAAI Board of Trustees on 13 October 2009

A. Initial Grant
This scholarship is awarded upon admission to the Ateneo de Manila College of Law to any college graduate with a degree cum laude or higher. The grant is applicable to the current tuition fee only and does not cover other fees and expenses. The grant may be full or partial and is paid by ALAAI directly to the Law School. The awardee must carry a full-load, unless he or she has been admitted to the part-time program.

B. Requirements for Initial Grant
Each applicant must submit the following:
1. Certified transcript of college records;
2. Certificate of college graduation cum laude or higher;
3. Proof of employment and income, if any (including parents); and
4. Endorsement by the Office of the Law Dean.

C. Duration of the Scholarship Grant
This scholarship is awarded for only one semester but shall be renewable for the succeeding semester if the student meets the conditions prescribed for retention of the scholarship.

D. Conditions for Retention of the Scholarship
To be entitled to renewal of the scholarship, an awardee:
1. Must have obtained at the end of the semester a weighted average of 80% or better;
2. Must be up-to-date with all academic requirements;
3. Must have no failing grade; and
4. Must not have been the subject of disciplinary penalty.

E. Undertaking of an Awardee
The awardee undertakes to attend and participate in at least one ALAAI-sponsored function, including legal aid and outreach programs, each school year.

F. ALAAI Scholarship Committee
The ALAAI Scholarship Committee evaluates all applications and administers the scholarship program. The grant of scholarships is subject to the availability of funds. The decisions of the Committee are final.

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