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Agenda for Hope
On July 31, 2009, the Feast Day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, one of the country's leading business newspapers BusinessWorld launched a new twice-a-month column that will bring to light the Ateneo de Manila University's agenda for hope for our country.

The column,  "Agenda for Hope," features the Agenda for Hope papers written by Loyola Schools faculty. The books were launched last December 9, 2009 as our scholarly work contribution to commemorate the sesquicentennial year of the Ateneo.

Read "Agenda for Hope" on BusinessWorld every second and fourth Tuesday of the month!

Sisu and the road to hope (2010-06-22)

 I am because we are (2010-05-26)

Helping our children help themselves (2010-05-12)

Our society’s linguistic foundations (2010-04-13)

Local yet global (2010-03-04)

Saving San Pablo's Seven Lakes (2010-02-23)

How village brought its river back to life (2010-02-09)

Managing water for a sustainable future (2010-01-12)

Investing in health, investing in people (2009-12-09)

Serving to learn, learning to serve (2009-11-10)

Wanted: A ‘bayanihan economy’ (2009-10-28)

The Economy of Communion: Sharing Prosperity in Action (2009-10-13)

Building on the basics (2009-09-22)

Media accountability (2009-09-08)

Political empowerment, engagement (2009-08-25)

Governing with the other in hope (2009-08-15)

150 years of engaging the nation (2009-08-01)

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