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The Ateneo Watch by Swatch

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About the Designer

Jason Patrick R. Nallas, Jake, has always been an artist at heart. An incoming 4th year student of the School of Humanities, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies and Minor in Information Design, he is a true blue Atenean since grade school.

Creating different structures with his Lego blocks as a toddler gave his parents ideas of him becoming an architect or an engineer. During his grade school days, he would usually draw during his leisure time. The musical artist in him surfaced as he entered high school. To his parents’ amazement, he got to learn how to play the guitar and learn a song in just a short time for his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Discovering his talent, he joined a band in high school. They competed in different band fests as well as performed in gigs in and out of the campus.

His artistic flair for design was uncovered when he was given an opportunity in his Information Design courses, specifically in his Psychology of Color class. Designing the Ateneo Swatch was indeed a good avenue for him to express his creativity where he incorporated the essence and spirit of the Ateneo’s Sesquicentennial anniversary. He tried to integrate in his design the different aspects of the Ateneo’s logo and the renowned Blue Eagle. As a result, he ended up with this exceptional and remarkable design of the watch.

He plans to hone his talents further after graduating. He would like to acquire more knowledge in his chosen field so that he will be able to generate more designs that will influence other people’s lives in the future.


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