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BS Management of Applied Chemistry

This innovative program is the first of its kind in the Philippines and is the combination of two unlikely partners: Management and Chemistry. It aims to develop managers and entrepreneurs with a strong technical background and a working familiarity with the chemical processes used in manufacturing operations. Success in business and in chemistry usually requires a combination of practicality, creativity, discipline, and exactness. These are the qualities and skills that the program hopes to impart through a four-year curriculum that covers Management, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Computers. This program has a strong hands-on and project orientation. Chemistry will be taught from a more applied perspective, and laboratory courses will have more practical experiments that will require individual work by students. The centerpiece of the program is a sequence of courses that will allow the students to use marketing research to identify unfilled niches in the market, go to the laboratory to design the product that will fill this niche, and then prepare a business plan to launch and market this new product. Students who intend to be entrepreneurs or to work in businesses dealing with chemistry-based products— such as pharmaceuticals, processed foods, rubber, and plastic— will benefit from the sort of training provided by this program.

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