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BS Legal Management

Like the BS Management program, the Legal Management program is also devoted to developing the next generation of high growth entrepreneurs by giving students the theoretical and practical tools, global perspective, networking opportunities and hands-on experience to maximize their chances for success.


Driven by the JGSOM thrust of developing competence and flexibility among its students, the LM program seeks to develop well-rounded managers and entrepreneurs who have a good grasp of the legal intricacies of the business environment. On top of the regular business curriculum is added a law-curriculum that will cover all major components of law encountered in business, such as: obligations and contracts, taxation, labor laws, negotiable instruments and laws on business organization. Although not primarily designed to be a preparation for law school, it has also proven to be an excellent preparation for formal law studies. The effective integration of the business and legal clusters is supported by the principle-based approach of the Ateneo humanities core subjects, providing the graduates of the program with the skills & sensibilities necessary to pursue career options in business, entrepreneurship and law.

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