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BS Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Program offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. It is a program that draws its character and strength from ties with the Loyola Schools (LS), the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH), and partner institutions engaged in health services and outcomes. The curriculum is designed for aspiring professionals in the health sector and aligned with the academic program of ASMPH. The course provides a multi-disciplinary approach that broadens and deepens the understanding of health and health services, from its foundation in the sciences to its relevance in the social environment and the dynamism demanded in its management. The thesis program showcases the students’ capacity for assessment and intervention as they engage the different health system environments. The faculty facilitates the integration of the academic, psychological, social, and spiritual formation through a practicum program that revolves around five themes: (1) the health professional and the community, (2) the health professional as scientist and investigator, (3) the health professional as administrator and manager, (4) the health professional as agent of change, and (5) the health professional as a changed agent.


The graduates are envisioned to be leaders in both the private and public health sectors of society.

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