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BS Computer Science

The BS in Computer Science (BS CS) program is designed to produce computer science researchers as well as corporate information and communication technology (ICTs) practitioners. It provides a rigorous foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of computing. Core Computer Science courses provide the students with an intensive background in writing complex software and the design and interconnection of computer systems. Students are encouraged to specialize in business intelligence, enterprise systems, or interactive multimedia. Alternatively, students can also choose from electives from various areas in computer science, including multimedia and game development, MIS, software engineering, networks and wireless systems, and computational science.


Students are provided with extensive access to state-of-the-art facilities including Windows and Linux-based PCs and servers, Lego Mindstorms, Game consoles, and handheld devices. Students make use of a campus-wide network that allows high speed access to the Internet and the latest software from Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Adobe, and others. To support the game development electives, the Ateneo has also invested in game development platforms.


Throughout the four years of study, the students are constantly expected to innovate and to contribute to technology. Students can become actively involved in research groups on multimedia and game development, network and wireless technologies development and analysis, pedestrian analysis, affective computing and applications in health and medicine.


Graduates can expect to be well-prepared for graduate studies abroad as well as to become systems engineers, designers, lead developers in local and multinational corporations.

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