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BS Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems

(formerly Chemistry with Computer Engineering)


In this five-year dual major program, the students graduate with two degrees: BS Chemistry (after four years) and BS in Applied Computer Systems (BS ACS) after an additional year. Hence, BS CH /ACS students are trained to be proficient in chemistry, instrumentation, and computer hardware and software. In particular, the BS in Applied Computer Systems gives students the skills and training in the scientific application of computers in Chemistry.


With project-oriented courses, they acquire hands-on experience and exposure to solving real problems.


Graduates are also eligible to take the Chemist Licensure Examinations. The combined five-year program provides excellent background for careers where both scientific and computer hardware and software knowledge are required. Graduates have moved into careers in chemistry where the computer and instrumentation experience have given them an edge, while other graduates have carved out a niche in areas of hardware and software development that need a strong scientific background.

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