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BS Biology

BS Biology is a 5-year undergraduate honors program that provides a holistic and rigorous approach to the biological sciences. The curriculum covers the most essential concepts, principles, and theories of biology across a diverse range of disciplines through innovative lecture and laboratory courses. The program offers its students both the Thesis and Practicum options, the latter of which would allow them to do laboratory or field research work in an affiliated institution. The Junior Term Abroad (JTA) Program is also now available to BS Biology majors, with affiliates in Asia, America, and Europe prepared to accommodate the students in their laboratories.


The BS Biology program provides the most comprehensive preparation for further education, including medical studies; virtually 100% of our medically inclined graduates have enrolled in one of the top medical schools in the country and even abroad. Graduate research programs are also a common option for our majors. Our alumni are enjoying success in their respective fields, be it in medicine, research, industry, or the academe.

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