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AB European Studies

AB European Studies is a multidisciplinary program focusing on the political, economic, social, cultural institutions that have brought Europe to prominence as a global power, and serve to maintain general predominance despite challenges and shifts on the world scene. Special focus is given to the European integration process, as well as links between Europe and the Philippines through the public and private sectors. The program’s objective is to produce graduates who will participate in the development of our country, in a context where relations with, and knowledge of Europe, stand to be an important driver in the future of the Philippines.


Students take major courses on European economics, politics, language and society as well as specialized courses in international relations; and business and economics. Students are required to specialize in any of three European languages (Spanish, French or German). They may join the European Study Tour to improve their European linguistic abilities and deepen cultural understanding through home-staying with European families. Students can also take a Summer Internship (local or overseas) to apply their knowledge and skills in offices here and abroad. Students in their junior year of college are given the chance to spend one semester in a partner European school under the Junior Tern Abroad (JTA) program wherein they can take courses related to their field of specialization, whether it is business and economics or international relations.


The program shapes graduates who are ready for careers in a globalizing world, with language skills and a command of international and European affairs that will give them a competitive edge in the eyes of both local and overseas employers. Employment opportunities range from the government sector to the private industry which include but are not limited to: careers in the Foreign Service, European desks, international organizations, embassies and European firms, international NGOs based in Europe, such as Oxfam, Catholic Relief Services, Amnesty International, and UN agencies. The program also serves as a good pre-law preparation program, and a useful springboard for graduate studies in a number of fields.

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