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AB Social Sciences

Our students learn to use sociological and anthropological perspectives to accomplish three feats: first, to comprehend the institutions and cultures that shape people’s everyday life within larger communities; second, to obtain grounding in research and other scientific methodologies; and third, to make sense of the pressing issues that beset our socio-cultural  and political-economic worlds. With a grounded understanding of social worlds and the social economy, our students examine societal issues with scientific discipline, offer alternatives anchored on tradition, modernity, and social change while making workable recommendations for policies and plans to enhance people’s quality of life.


AB Social Sciences (specializations in sociology, anthropology, cultural heritage, urban studies, social development, gender and development) prepares students for jobs with people and about people in communities, organizations and/or corporations. With their broad social science and research training, our graduates have found fulfilling careers in media, business/corporations, government, education, national/ international NGOs and UN agencies. In these settings, they craft, manage, and assess programs (e.g., corporate social responsibility, social development/ impacts, market research, cultural management/entrepreneurship and heritage tourism planning, arts management, etc.) to make it more dynamically responsive to social contexts.


Graduates also find our program an excellent preparation for advanced studies in law, business management, corporate organizations and market cultures, development studies, public administration, urban or regional planning, and other social science-related fields.

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