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AB Psychology

Students of both AB and BS Psychology engage themselves in the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The program trains students to become skilled in the scientific method of observing, analyzing, and understanding individuals and groups. The AB Psychology program emphasizes a strong humanistic background and allows students to take a variety of electives in the humanities, management, and sciences whereas the BS Psychology program functions as a training ground for students who want to combine their interests in human behavior and the natural sciences. The BS Psychology program is also a pre-Medicine course.


Psychologists work in the corporate world, in schools, clinics and hospitals, government and non-government organizations, and communities. The AB and BS Psychology programs prepare students for further specialization in the different fields of psychology such as counseling and therapy, developmental psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and social psychology. Both programs also provide students with training for careers in business and management, teaching, research, and law.


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