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The Department of Economics offers an excellent environment to mold an economist who is all at once a philosopher, mathematician, historian and statesman. Our mission is to produce Filipino and Asian economists who can make sound analyses of socio-economic phenomena, produce knowledge, and contribute to public policy and nation-building, while grounded in the service for others and social justice. Faculty members teach in most subjects of economics and are also distinguished specialists in the fields of banking & financial economics, demography & labor economics, development economics, economic policy, econometrics, environment & resource economics, health economics, history of economics & economic thought, international trade & finance, and political economy.


Both degree programs in economics and management economics are structured in the tradition of liberal arts education, providing a solid foundation for those who envision careers in industry, civil society, government, or academe, as well as for those who wish to pursue further studies in economics, business, social & community work, public administration, international relations, or law. Graduates have been employed by top companies, both local and foreign. Many graduates have moved on to assume key posts that determine the direction of the private and public sectors in the Philippines.


The Economics programs are designed to provide solid foundations in theory & quantitative methods to comprehend the operations of the modern economy, the processes of growth & development, and the dynamics of global integration. The classes are rigorous but practical enough for real-life applications. Students write a thesis during their senior year to apply concepts and techniques in economics.


The Management Economics program is designed to provide a solid foundation in management and economics. The dual orientation is its strength, as present-day events make clear that business survival depends on both sound internal management and solid understanding of economic forces. Students pursue a strategic project during their senior year to apply skills in management and economics.


Junior Term Abroad

Students can opt to spend a semester of their third year as exchange students in one of the Ateneo partner institutions in Asia, Europe, or United States.

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