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AB Communication

The media practitioner of the 21st century faces a rapidly changing landscape driven by unceasing technological upheavals and audiences demanding more content and responsiveness.


The Department of Communication addresses these challenges by first grounding students on communication and media theory and an encompassing understanding of the changing media scenario.  A student then opts for a specialization track: image and sound production, film and media studies, advertising and public relations or journalism.  Full-time faculty members work hand in hand with part-time lecturers, all practitioners and respected names in their fields.


A required summer practicum program allows the student to experience working in a media establishment.  A senior thesis then rounds up the studies through an adviser-guided  research topic or project.


The goal is to develop an ethical, creative, skilled, flexible communications graduate, who is cognizant of the responsibilities of his/her field. 


Two centers in the department – The Konrad Adenauer Center for Asian Journalism and the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Multimedia Communication - provide students with more opportunities to update and enhance their technical and creative skills. 

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