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Ateneo Art Gallery
BFA Major in Art Management


The Bachelors of Fine Arts Programs embody and continue the University's distinguished tradition in creative writing, theater arts, and the visual arts. It upholds artistic excellence, shaped by a rigorous practice of the artist’s craft, a critical appreciation of theory and history, and a heightened sense of imagination and expression. The Fine Arts Program is an integrated undergraduate arts program offering four tracks or areas of specialization. All BFA majors pass through similar core courses in art theory and history where the humanistic dimension of art is emphasized, the creative and imaginative capabilities of the young artist are challenged, and the experience of art is enriched. In keeping with the Ateneo’s long standing tradition in the arts, the arts is seen as a responsibility, hence, artists work not for themselves but for others. Thus, the arts program is deeply committed to a contextualized syllabus, which emphasizes the Filipino and Asian rootedness of the arts and which confronts the reality of a globalizing world as the matrix for the creation of art.


The Fine Arts Program offers a set of curricular programs and projects that trains students for leadership in the areas of art management, creative writing, information design and theater arts. It also provides opportunities for faculty members to engage in professional artistic production, and exercise influence both within and outside the campus. Its aesthetic style seeks to fuse global and local traditions, and its link with professional art or art-related worlds offers paths for future employment.





Art Management exposes students to the highest professional standards in art practice and industry outside its own production. The program provides important interfaces for education and training in such areas as curatorship; exhibition design; art writing, research, and documentation; and the marketing and promotion of the arts. Through its linkage with the Ateneo Art Gallery and other linkages with significant local and international artistic and cultural institutions, the program provides its students with unparalleled opportunities for involvement and immersion in the professional art world.


The program’s graduates are qualified to work in museums and art institutions as curators, exhibition designers, and education officers. They may also become art critics, art historians, culture and heritage advocates, editors of art, culture, and lifestyle publications, as well as publicists and managers of established and up and coming talent of private and public art institutions.

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