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Athletic Scholarship

In keeping with its tradition of excellence, the Ateneo de Manila University is reputed for its top per formance in collegiate sports competitions such as the University Athletics Association of the and for developing national team athletes. The Ateneo student-athlete strives to achieve a holistic development, achieving awards not only in athletics but also in academics.


The Athletic Scholarship is awarded to student-athletes who have the potential to excel in athletics while maintaining a good academic standing. Aside from being financially challenged, applicants must have outstanding athletic ability and must be a recipient of awards in their specific sport.


Applicants must obtain and complete the Athletic Scholarship Application Form (ASAF) from the University Athletics Office and secure the recommendation of the Ateneo coach and program head for the sport. The following are the sports which are granted scholarship slots: Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Chess, Fencing, Football, Judo, Lawn Tennis, Softball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tae kwon do, and Volleyball.

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