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How Does The Ateneo Give You An Edge In Your Career?



“Ateneo taught me to look at things holistically and also to be . As a researcher, these values are necessary not just in analyzing data but also in dealing with people with different temperaments.”


Ana Maria Felisa Galang Mayor

AB IS 2009,

Research Executive, GoodThinking Research Inc.




“Being in law school is tough. Ateneo's rigorous and well-rounded curriculum, most especially the core courses, helped me adapt quickly to the daily law school grind. Ateneo's orientation towards persons-for-others also helps put what I learn now in context, and reminds me of my responsibilities as not only an Atenean, or aspiring lawyer, but more so as a human being.”


Ma. Anna Margarita V. Bueno

AB COM, Minor in Hispanic Studies 2010,

Juris Doctor 2014, Ateneo Law School




“The Ateneo has helped me grow as a person in so many ways, and I have all my amazing teachers to thank for this. They are the ones who have shaped me into becoming a competent and passionate person for others and have imparted to me the wisdom to always follow my heart and just do what I love to do. True enough, following my passion to work with kids has brought me true happiness, making me always eager to wake up early in the morning, and look forward to those big sweaty hugs everyday!”


Giellannie V. Tio Cuison

BS PSY, Minor In Development Management 2011,

Preschool Sped Teacher and Values & Formation Coach, The Raya School, Inc.




"The Ateneo has helped me in my employment not only by giving me the necessary skills and knowledge to become competent in the labor market, but also by training me in critical thinking which, in my opinion, is the most useful faculty in performing delegated tasks.”


Crisostomo G. Ala

AB EU International Relations Track,

Minor in Hispanic Studies 2010,

Compensation Analyst, Birches Group LLC




“Ateneo pushed my limits by encouraging my involvement in different organizations (particularly with the scholars' community), participation in its different formation activities, going through the Junior Term Abroad program and getting an internship. Through these experiences, I developed skills that not only made me a better person and an Atenean in its true essence, but at the same time made me stand out from the others during the job hunting season.”


Eduard Edwynn D. Capacio

BS ME, Minor in German Studies 2011,

Sales and Marketing. Management Trainee, Nestle Philippines




“Being an Ateneo Academic Scholar not only gives my resume an inherent added value, but it likewise speaks much about me on my behalf-that I embody excellence in all that I do, that I am deeply-rooted in Christian Spirituality, and that I aspire to use the banking profession in nation-building.”


Yvanezer B. Velasco

BS AMF Minor in Economics 2009,

Corporate Account Officer, United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)




“My Ateneo education has helped me in my employment by allowing me to effectively deal with clients from all walks of life (from the security guards to purchasing clients, etc.) due to its motto of being "men and women for and with others."


Allen Mikhail A. Santillan

AB EU 2011,

Sales Executive, Honda Cars Makati Incorporated




“When you're an Atenean, your bosses are confident that you can get the job done. This is very important in journalism because a whole country of 92 million people is relying on you for their news. Confidence and eloquence are two more things that I use when I report on television. My subjects in Communication - not to mention the handful of oral exams & reports for other classes - have helped me master this. But I guess the most important contribution Ateneo has given me is this: in an industry where it's so easy to just go with the flow, I am able to hold on to my personal convictions and do everything for the greater glory of God.”


Maviel C. Gonzales

AB COM 2011,

Courtside Reporter, PBA D-League;

Sports Reporter, GMA News

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