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School Expenses

Tuition and Fees per Year

SY 2012-2013 (annual)


Tuition                        Php 109,091.70

Basic Fees                             21,444.50

Other Fees                            25,227.90


Additional fees are charged for laboratory use, or for overload, depending on the student’s concentration.


Tuition and Fees may be paid through on-line payment facilities of major banks or through over-the-counter transactions.



Payment by Installment

Students may pay in two or four installments. (The interest on installment payments is less than 3%.) Parents are responsible for settling installment payments on time. Checks and money orders sent by mail should be sent at least two weeks before the deadline.



Payment through Educational Plan

Students who have pre-paid educational plans must have their subjects assessed first during enrollment. After assessment, students may pay their tuition and fees and then later get a reimbursement from the company. Otherwise, the student may present his/her assessed tuition receipt to the company, secure the check covering tuition and fees, and then pay directly to the Ateneo Cashier’s Office.


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