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Spirituality Programs
The OMIOD conducts culture-building and spirituality programs promoting Ignatian Spirituality and highlighting the mission and identity of the Ateneo as a University. Such programs include:

Ignatian Spirituality in Education (ISEW)

ISEW is a workshop that acquaints participants with the life and spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola; the Society of Jesus and its various apostolates, education in particular; and the vision and mission of the Ateneo de Manila.  Through ISEW, participants are invited to reflect on their own spiritual journey and their role in living out the vision/mission of the school.

ISEW has been conducted for various groups of the University, including the faculty, Board of Trustees, faculty, administrators, professionals, office maintenance staff, student leaders, athletic coaches and student athletes.  It is now required for permanency of faculty in the Grade School, High School and Loyola Schools, and is part of the orientation of new office and maintenance staff.



The colloquium is a weekend conversation on the ministry of teaching at the Ateneo de Manila.  It is an updated and focused version of the colloquium on the ministry of teaching that preceded the ISEW and is designed to pass on insights and experiences from culture-bearers (more senior faculty) to new faculty. 

The faculty colloquium was first coordinated by OMIOD for Loyola Schools, and was adopted by Grade School, High School and the Graduate School of Business. It is now run by these school units for mixed batches of their senior and new faculty; in the high school, it was then adapted successfully for maintenance personnel.

The conversations are focused on leadership formation and on encouraging personal and communal commitment to the teaching ministry among faculty members.


Communal Services

The Communal Services is part of the continuing formation programs of OMIOD. The first communal service, the Communal Reconciliation Services (CRS), was conducted last March 2007. 

The Communal Services are conducted in each office/unit with the Jesuit scholastics and Campus Ministers as facilitators. The services take no more than an hour, and may be scheduled at the convenience of units/offices. An office staff member or an administrative officer of each group acts as a prayer leader and guide. This aims to encourage accountability and to take responsibility in sustaining communal prayer life. It is intended, through the Communal Services, that non-teaching personnel grow much closer to God and with each other, as a community.

University at Prayer

Initiated in 2004, the website provides a venue for online prayers by which members of the Ateneo community can come together in prayer. Each one was invited to be involved through sharing composed reflection and prayers on the day’s gospel, Jesuit saints, liturgical celebrations or special intentions such as national events.

Retreat and Recollection

Over the years, OMIOD has organized retreats and recollections for different offices in the university. In 2008, the Central Administration offices had their first retreat held at the Canossa House of Spirituality in Tagaytay. Two separate groups took a break from their hectic work schedule and spent a 3-day retreat from April 11-13 and April 18-20.

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