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European Studies Program
    The European Studies Program shall lead in the provision of a comprehensive knowledge particularly in the Philippine-EU Business and International Relations thereby enhancing the Philippines’ role in the Global community.


    The fundamental mission of the European Studies Program is to develop future professionals who possess a keen understanding of the European Union institutions and processes. This would maximize opportunities provided by the integration of the European Union to Philippine business, economic, political and socio-cultural environment.

The program seeks to:

1.    Contribute to the creation of a wider pool of professionals who will have an understanding of the European Union and its relations with ASEAN and the Philippines, and can guide Philippine decision makers and policy makers to face the challenges, and take the advantage of the opportunities presented by its development.

2.    Broaden the students’ awareness of the European culture and to help them acquire effective communication skills in a European language.

3.    Provide students with macro view of European business, economic and political environment, giving them a particular context within which to apply functional area skills.

The European Studies Program (EU Program) offers a comprehensive knowledge on the nature and dynamics of Philippine-European business and international relations. It provides students with a thorough understanding of Europe and the European Union – its institutions, principles and policies – for the realization of opportunities in business, economic, political and socio-cultural environment.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS TRACK provides the students with a theoretical and practical framework of their professional activity, based on knowledge of the socio-political, economic, and legal situation in the contemporary international scene. It provides students knowledge of international institutions and their policies of cooperation between Europe and Asia, specifically with the Philippines.

BUSINESS TRACK provides students with a better understanding of the European business context and the trends in financial and economic policy that will shape this context. It provides students with the functional area skills to enable them to determine the appropriate responses to companies wishing to do business within this context.

Career opportunities abound among the many organizations that deal with Europe, In the government sector include the foreign service (DFA), DTI, the BOI/ NEDA European desks and a number of multilateral agencies. Foundations and organization such as the European Chamber of Commerce and embassies are potential employers. In the private industry, our students are distinguished and welcomed by multinational corporations or export-oriented enterprises, in general management, corporate planning and marketing. The student’s command of another European language (Spanish, French or German) in business has become a clear advantage in a growing globalized business village.


    Aims to develop an understanding and appreciation of the European integration process as a unique political, economic and socio-cultural model. It integrates and enhances the students’ academic exposure in a highly globalizes world.

Contact Information

Rosario G. Manalo

Evelyn C. Soriano
Coordinator for International Projects

European Studies Program
Rm 314 Social Sciences Bldg., Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Q.C
426-6001 loc 5238/ 39

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