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Frequently Asked Questions
Application to / Admission into a Graduate Program

How do I apply for a graduate program? What are the entrance requirements?
If you’ve decided on a program, get in touch with the department involved by email or by phone to get the details of the program’s courses. If possible, request the department to give you a tentative program of study for your whole stay at the Ateneo. The department can prepare this program if it has info on your education thus far, for example, a copy of your transcripts.

To download an application form and view (1) the list of requirements and deadline for submission, and (2) the schedule of entrance exams, return to the initial webpage for graduate programs and see the Subsections. Get the necessary documents and arrange to take the entrance exam by contacting the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs (Tel. 426-5937; E-mail

Submit the application form and required documents to the Graduate Programs office and take the entrance exam.

How do I get details of the program that I’m interested in?
Get the information from the department concerned by e-mail or phone. The contact address and phone are provided in the answer to the next question.

How do I get in touch with the department that handles the program I want?
The e-mail and phone numbers of the various departments with graduate programs are the following:

DIAL 426-6001
School of Humanities
5310 to 5011
5320 to 5321
5360 to 5362
5372 to 5373
426-6430 to 35
3606 / 3608
School of Science & Engineering
5640 to 5641
Environmental Sci.
5680 to 5683
5690 to 5691
School of Social Sciences
5220 to 5221
5230 to 5231
5240 to 5241
Japanese Studies
Political Science
5250 to 5252
5260 to 5262
Sociology & Anthropology
Am I still qualified to apply to a graduate program if I don’t have the minimum college units for the program that I’m applying for?
You can inquire at the department concerned if you can be accepted into its program with this deficiency. You will probably be asked to take up some undergraduate courses to firm up your background or prerequisites for certain graduate courses. 

How much will I pay for my graduate studies?
You can make a quick or thorough computation depending on your current needs.
     Quick estimate. Estimate the number of units you plan to take for the semester. Look up the tuition and fees page in the LS website and use it to do the following--
1.    Compute tuition fee: Number of units x current rate per unit.
2.    Compute the total of the following miscellaneous fees: Registration Fee, Library Fee, Lab (if any) Fee, Internet Fee, Development Fee, ID fee.
     A more accurate estimate. Base your computations on a tentative plan/program of study (for your whole stay in the Ateneo). To get your program of study
-    Provide the Department where you’re applying with a copy of your transcripts
-    Request the Department to give you a tentative program of study
Compute the cost per semester (see "Quick estimate" above). Note that the tuition and fees may increase by about 5% to 7% each year (the revised fees apply to the First  and Second Semesters of the coming year and the Summer Term that follows).

Are there any scholarships available for graduate students?
Scholarships are available for teachers taking up graduate courses. There are government (CHED or DOST) scholarships for tertiary teachers or R & D-oriented graduates of engineering or science programs who wish to take up master's or Ph.D. studies in priority areas. (Please see the section on "Scholarships and Financial Aid.")

The Loyola Schools offers a 50% tuition scholarship to teachers or academicians with Filipino citizenship, employed outside ADMU, who wish to take master's courses. To avail of this grant, the applicant must present a certification from his/her dean or personnel head attesting to his/her teacher or academician status during the proposed semester of study. 

The English and Psychology Departments have some scholarships for selected students. Interested parties should inquire directly at these departments. The Theology Department grants scholarships for its FIRE program.

There are a limited number of scholarships for graduate or teaching assistants (GA’s or TA’s). Please see the next question for details on this.

How do I apply to be a teaching assistant or graduate assistant? What are the qualifications needed?
The Departments request the Administration for TA’s or GA’s during the budget preparation period. During the middle of the First Semester of the current school year, the Departments make their request for TA’s or GA’s for the following school year. The interested student should therefore inquire at the Department if an assistantship is available. 

When is the deadline for applications? What are the entrance tests schedules?
This information is posted in the Ateneo Loyola Schools website at .

What is the entrance test about? What is its scope?
The admissions test consists of four standardized tests measuring general intelligence, basic verbal and numerical ability, verbal reasoning skills, and reading comprehension. The total testing time is approximately three hours.

Applicants to the Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics programs take an additional math ability test.

When will I be given the results of my entrance exam?
The entrance exam results are not released to the student. They are put together with the application and other documents of the applicant and sent to the department for evaluation. The department makes its decision to accept or reject the applicant based on all the information it receives about him/her.  

Will there be an interview after the test? Is an interview required for acceptance into a graduate program?
There are some departments that require an interview as part of the acceptance or final acceptance process. These are Communication, Education, History and Psychology.

When will I know the result of my application after taking the entrance test?
When you have taken the entrance test, the testing office sends the result to the Associate Dean who attaches this to the other application documents and forwards the packet to the department concerned. The department then takes about 2 to 3 weeks to release the evaluation results. However, the Education and Psychology Departments and the Loyola School of Theology do batch processing and release the evaluation results much later, about 2 to 3 weeks before the registration period.

When and where should I check if I’ve been accepted into the Ateneo Loyola Schools?
A good time to check at the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs would be about 2 to 3 weeks before the announced enrollment dates. (Please check the website for the enrollment dates.)

What is the period of validity of the entrance examination I have taken?
The results of the entrance test are valid for 3 years.

If I am accepted this semester and I don’t enroll because of some personal reason, what happens to my application? Can I enroll next semester? Next year?
You can write the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and request that your enrollment be deferred. If you defer your enrollment for one year or longer, you will have to update your application by filling up a new application form and submitting copies of transcripts for additional studies done during the deferment. Your entrance test results remain valid for 3 years from the time you took the exam.

Do all departments accept applications every semester?
All departments at ADMU accept new students for the First Semester every year. The following departments do not accept new students in the Second Semester: Economics, History and Sociology-Anthropology Department. DISCS does not accept new Ph.D. students in the summer. The English Department accepts Ph.D. students in batches. Contact the English Department to find out when the next Ph.D. batch will begin. For more information, please contact the department where you would like to pursue your graduate studies or the Office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs.

I was previously enrolled in a graduate program at the ADMU. However, I stopped studying and haven’t enrolled for a while. How do I go about getting reinstated as a student? Do I have to apply for extension of my study program?
If you have not enrolled for two consecutive semesters, you need to apply for reinstatement in your program. Obtain a Reinstatement and/or Extension Form from the Registrar’s Office and get the approval of your department chair. The time limit to complete a master’s program is 5 years and a Ph.D. program 7 years. If you have exceeded—or are about to exceed—the time limit for your program, you need the same form to appeal for an extension from your home department.

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