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Department of Psychology
The Ateneo Psychology Department is committed to the pursuit of scientific truth and excellence both in academic endeavors and professional practice. Inspired by Ignatian spirituality and combining solid foundations of psychological theories with active practice, the Department constantly aims to be an agent of change that brings about greater fullness of life among individuals, organizations and communities in Philippine society and the world at large.

The department offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees designed to provide students with solid training in both theory and practice and thus prepare them for the several challenges that lie ahead for Filipino psychologists in the realms of teaching, research, practice, service, and advocacy.

On the undergraduate level, the department offers two degrees: the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Both programs train students in the scientific study of individual and group behavior, and prepare them for general careers in business and management, teaching, and further specialization in the different fields of psychology: research, counseling, therapy, testing, community and organizational development, industrial psychology, and child and family psychology. For those in the BS track wishing to pursue a career in medicine, the BS course can be a stepping stone to further completing pre-medicine courses before getting into medicine proper.

On the graduate level, the department offers both masteral and doctoral programs.

The M.A. program (MA Program Guidelines) prepares the student for psychological practice in the educational, clinical, industrial and community settings. A solid academic background in psychological concepts, theory, and research methods is supported by training in specialized skills and actual experience of the student with local psychological phenomena. The student enrolled in the M.A. program may choose among the following areas of concentration: Applied Social Psychology, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Counseling Psychology, or Development Psychology.

The Ph.D. programs (PhD Program Guidelines) aim to develop academic researchers and competent professionals equipped with a strong scientific framework for teaching, research and practice in Psychology. The programs encourage the student to develop theories, skills and attitudes necessary in undertaking original research. They likewise emphasize the use of knowledge in behavior and mental processes towards the development of Philippine Psychology. There are two major programs in the doctoral level: Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology.

The Department is unique in that it has two research, extension and practical application arms, the Center for Organizational Research and Development (CORD) and the Ateneo Wellness Center (Research, Training, and Healing for Children and Families).

The Center for Organizational Research and Development (CORD) is the Department of Psychology’s response to the Ateneo University’s thrust and goal to be the men and women in the service of the external community. It provides the faculty and Industrial-Organizational and Social and Community Psychology graduate students the opportunity to operationalize theories and models abstracted in their studies and classrooms.

The Ateneo Wellness Center (AWC) was created as a venue for the optimal development and well-being of children, adolescents, and families through a holistic and humanistic approach in the practice of psychological assessment, therapy, research and training.


We, the Department of Psychology of the Ateneo de Manila University, inspired by Ignatian Christian Spirituality are a community of individuals committed to the pursuit of excellence in the areas of:

  • teaching and formation
  • research and creation of knowledge
  • professional practice and training
  • community outreach services

We are a community of faculty members, students and staff who are whole persons--scientifically grounded, compassionate, sensitive, with genuine respect for people and imbued with lived spirituality that is responsive to the needs of one another, the Ateneo system, and cultural realities.

We are a Department that contributes significantly to national development and makes an international impact.

Contact Information

3rd floor, Leong Hall
Ateneo de Manila University
Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Dr. Edna P. Franco
Department Chairperson

Tel No. : 426-6001 local 5260-62
E-mail Address:


Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday:            8:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon

Department of Psychology - Downloadable Forms and Documents

MA - Counseling Psychology (Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

MA - Applied Social Psychology (Non-Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20
MA - Applied Social Psychology (Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20
PhD - Social-Organizational Psychology
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

PhD - Clinical Psychology
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

MA - Counseling Psychology (Non-Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

MA - Developmental Psychology (Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

MA - Developmental Psychology (Non-Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

MA - Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

MA - Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Non-Thesis Track)
Last Modified on 2005.06.20

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