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The Ateneo community of students and Jesuits thank GS57, HS61, Col65

Nine GS57, HS61, Col65 alumni visited the Ateneo de Manila High School on March 9, 2012 to deliver their gifts to the Jesuit community and the Ateneo de Manila University community on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee in 2011 of HS61.

Fr. Herbert Schneider SJ (center), Executive Director of the Philippine Jesuit Aid Association Inc., with a gift from HS61 2011 Golden Jubilarians for the care of elderly and infirm Jesuits at the Jesuit infirmaries in Loyola Heights and for the formation of scholastics of the Society of Jesus. With Fr. Herb are (left to right) Jaime "Jimmie" J. Colayco, Atty. Ricardo “Dong” V. Puno Jr., Virgilio “Vingie” E. Javier, Atty. Ambrosio "Amboy" V. Valdez Jr., Edgardo Mar "Ed" D. Beltran, (Fr. Herb), Sergio “Serge” J. de la Fuente, Alfonso "Boy" B. Cruz Jr., Edgardo “Egay” T. Velasco, and Eugenio “Ponet” P. Ladrido.

Fr. Raymund Benedict "RB" Q. Hizon SJ, Principal of the Ateneo de Manila High School, is beaming having just received a gift from the HS61 2011 Golden Jubilarians to augment the Ateneo GS57 HG61 Col65 High School Scholarship Fund, established on Homecoming Day in December 1986 on the occasion of the HS61 Silver Jubilee anniversary. The fund target of Php 2.5M for the 576165 scholarship endowment, a fund in perpetuity or a permanent fund, is hoped to be reached this year. Only up to 90% of the earnings from the Php 2.5 M corpus will be disbursed from the endowment for a full tuition and fees scholarship for a deserving applicant at the high school. The unused earnings will be plowed into the corpus to keep the value of the endowment in the face of inflation. Since the establishment in 1986 of the Ateneo GS57 HG61 Col65 High School Scholarship Fund, 32 Ateneo students have been awarded the GS57 HG61 Col65 Scholarship. With Fr. RB in the photo are (L-R) Sophie P. Manapat, granddaughter of former HS61 Latin teacher and Assistant Principal for Discipline Antonio "Popoy" Pineda, Edgardo Mar "Ed" D. Beltran, Atty. Ricardo “Dong” V. Puno Jr., Alfonso "Boy" B. Cruz Jr., Jaime "Jimmie" J. Colayco, Eugenio “Ponet” P. Ladrido, (Fr. RB), Sergio “Serge” J. de la Fuente, Virgilio “Vingie” E. Javier, Edgardo “Egay” T. Velasco, and Hector P. Guballa, Assistant Vice President, Office of University Development and Alumni Relations. Not shown in photo are Atty. Ambrosio "Amboy" V. Valdez Jr. and Socorro P.F. “Pinky” Esguerra Escarez, Director for Admission and Aid, Ateneo High School.

A photo opportunity upon arrival at the Ateneo High School on March 9, 2012 before 10:30 AM. 576165 alumni at the administration building lobby in their Mother Mary blue HS61Golden Jubilee polo barong await the arrival of Fr. Herb and Fr. RB. (L-R beginning with 2nd from left) Sergio “Serge” J. de la Fuente, Atty. Ambrosio "Amboy" V. Valdez Jr., Atty. Ricardo “Dong” V. Puno Jr., Eugenio “Ponet” P. Ladrido, Jaime "Jimmie" J. Colayco, Edgardo Mar "Ed" D. Beltran, Virgilio “Vingie” E. Javier, Alfonso "Boy" B. Cruz Jr., and Edgardo “Egay” T. Velasco. To welcome the 2011 Golden Jubilarians are representatives from the Office of University Development and Alumni Relations of the Ateneo, Director for Alumni Relations Romeo "Jun" A. Dalandan Jr. (L), and Assistant Vice President Hector P. Guballa (R).


* The Big A outline is a stylized progress chart of our campaign. From the base, it will be filled with color (blue) progressively as we add more and more scholarships to reach our target of 500.

campaign for
500 new scholarships under the Sesquicentennial banner provides an enduring and meaningful dimension to the celebration of the school's 150 years of service to the nation.

The Sesquicentennial’s three themes of celebrating excellence, deepening spirituality and building the nation have their basis in Ateneo’s mission to form leaders —“men and women for others"
who are the ultimate measure of her success.

Ateneo’s continuing and compelling endeavor through the years has been is to attract the best and the brightest from all over the country, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Presently, Loyola Schools provides scholarships to 1,142 students out of a population of 8,259 for a 13.8% scholar-to-student ratio. It seeks to ramp up this ratio to an ambitious 20%, so that there would be 1600 scholars out of a population of about 8,000, or one of out five students, in the near future.

The campaign involves the collaborative efforts of all sectors and levels of the school, from the Board of Trustees to the basic operating units and offices. We have started to spread the word about the need to fund these scholarships, reaching out to alumni within and beyond the Philippines, in their places of work, in their regions of activity, among the year batches and programs and school organizations.

We ask you to share in helping Ateneo recruit the best and the brightest from among the students, secure as many as possible of the very best, and produce the kind of leaders the country needs—“men and women for others.”

Here are some of Ateneo's scholars through the 150 years of its service to the nation.


Father Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J.My Dear Atenean:

On behalf of the University, I invite you to join us in bringing the Ateneo education to the best and the brightest in the country. As we campaign for 500 new college scholarships, we carry with us the commitment of continuing our tradition of excellence in teaching, spirituality and nation-building. The active support of friends and alumni like you will help us train leaders of the future. Every amount, small or great, is a big contribution to the cause. The amount I quoted in my presentations is P100/month or P1000/year. If pooled together, these seemingly small donations will support a hundred or more scholars at the Ateneo. Of course, if you can give more, that would allow us to support even more scholars and help us reach our target faster. We will truly be grateful for your generosity, your trust, and most importantly, your involvement in this worthy endeavor. We are confident that together we can make a difference. So, campaign with us and be a part of our dream for 150 years and beyond.

Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ - President, 1993-June 1, 2011

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