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Visa Information/Procedure for International Students


International exchange students are advised to use a tourist visa together with a Special Study Permit (SSP) throughout the duration of the exchange program at Ateneo de Manila University. While maintaining a tourist visa which will be renewed every two months, international students will apply for a SSP which allows them to study non-degree courses in the Philippines for a period not exceeding one year

Step 1

Secure an entry visa. We advise the students to secure a 59-day tourist visa at the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate in their country of origin before entering the Philippines.

Note: Students from restricted countries are required to get an entry visa. Students coming from non-restricted countries have the option however of entering the Philippines without the need of an entry visa. (see list of non-restricted countries). If you come from a non-restricted country, a 21-day tourist visa will be issued to you automatically at the Philippine International Airport when you arrive. The only requirement is to have a passport which should be valid for the duration of your stay in the Philippines and your return trip ticket.

Step 2

If you choose to enter the Philippines with a 59-day tourist visa, please proceed to Step 3.

If you come from a non-restricted country and choose to get your tourist visa (21-days) upon entering the Philippines, the next step is to extend your initial 21-day tourist visa for an additional 38 days (in order to complete 59 days which is the full length of a tourist visa before it can be renewed using the two-month cycle). To extend your 21-day tourist visa, you need to fill out a visa extension application form which will be given to you at the Ateneo’s Office of International Relations (OIR) when you arrive. The liaison officer of OIR will go to the Bureau of Immigration to apply for your visa extension on your behalf. The visa extension fee for the additional 38 days costs P 3,030.00

Step 3

Application for SSP. The next step is to apply for a SSP. The application form will be given to you by the OIR. Please bring your passport and a 2 inch x 2 inch recently taken photo for the application. The liaison officer of OIP will go to the Bureau of Immigration to apply for the SSP on your behalf. The SSP application fee is P 4,740.00 plus a notarial fee of P 300.00.

The application of SSP will also include the compulsory application of an ACR I Card (Alien Certificate of Registration Card) worth P 2,900.00.

Step 4

Extension of tourist visa every two months. 14 days before your tourist visa expires, please proceed to OIR to renew your tourist visa for another 59 days. Please respect the 14 days lead period in order to give OIR ample time to renew your tourist visa.


§   The renewal of your tourist visa every 59 days will be the routine procedure for the duration of your stay.

§   Students staying in the Philippines for six months or more without leaving the country will be asked to apply for a certificate of residence for temporary visitors (CRTV) for    P1,410.00. Extensions reaching December and January will also be asked for additional       P 300.00 for annual fee.

§   If you have plans to travel outside the Philippines during the duration of your 59-day tourist visa, the remaining days in your 59-day tourist visa will nullified. This means that when you return to the Philippines you will be given a new 21-day tourist visa (for non-restricted countries). Your past visa will no longer be valid.

VISA & IMMIGRATION FEES (based on Philippine Bureau of Immigration published rates)

Special Study Permit

One-time SSP Fee
Notarial fee

Add: ACR/ICARD application fees

Php  4,740.00
Php     300.00

Php  2,900.00

Visa Extension Fees

Duration of Stay

Length of Visa Extension


2 months

1st visa extension ( + 38 days)*

Php  3,030.00

4 months

2nd visa extension  (+ 59 days)

Php  4,800.00

6 months

3rd visa extension  (+ 59 days)

Php  2,830.00


Add: Certificate of residence for temporary visitors (CRTV)

Php  1,410.00

8 months

4th visa extension (+ 59 days)

Php  2,830.00

10 months

5th visa extension  (+ 59 days)

Php  2,830.00

12 months

6th visa extension  (+ 59 days)

Php  2,830.00


Add: Annual fee

Php     300.00

*Note: This additional 38 days will be paid only if you were issued a 21-day tourist visa upon entry in the Philippines. If you entered with a 59-day tourist visa, your first extension will be for 59 days (P4,800.00)




Students staying for 1 semester (P 20, 000)

Students staying for 2 semesters (P 26,000)


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