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Science & Technology Cluster

Knowledge is power. Information is priceless. In the modern world driven by science and technology, everything happensin a blink of an eye with a click of a button. Welcome to a world of endless exciting possibilities. Welcome to our everyday world. Welcome to the world of science and technology!

From the simple melting of ice in one’s palm to the cosmic storms brewing in Jupiter, every phenomenon in the universe could be explained by scientific laws and theories. More than just naturally occurring chemical and biological systems, man gets to learn more about his behavior as well as the mechanism of computers and similar devices. And as the current trend of research and development moves to nanotechnology, science continues to provide terabytes of answers to man’s many inquiries.

Yet, the scientist in man seeks to do more. From the ordinary things, he goes the extra mile by crafting extraordinary innovations out of them. He firmly believes that what is good enough is never enough. With every step he takes, he begins to discover, appreciate, and understand more his world. And from this, he makes the world a better place. He uses science and technology as a tool to enhance man’s everyday life.

This is the SciTech Cluster – a world where diverse ideas expand and converge, a world limited only by the speed of light.

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