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Faculty Research

    Research, creative and other scholarly work may be defined as the deliberate and orderly pursuit of truth in all its forms. They aim at opening new paths of intellectual exploration and pursuing scholarly investigation using the appropriate methodologies of one's discipline. Their ultimate goal is to contribute to knowledge.

As a full-fledged university and a premier center for learning and research, the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools actively engage in research and creative work at various levels of scholarship.  The aim is two-fold:  (1) to advance and apply knowledge through scholarly work, and (2) to diffuse knowledge through teaching and publishing.

The Loyola Schools of Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Science and Engineering, in cooperation with the academic departments and the adjunct Centers and R&D units achieve these goals by: (a) supporting faculty and student scholarly work through various university grants and awards, (b) nurturing scholarship through faculty development programs, training, and symposia, and (c) facilitating interdisciplinary, collaborative research programs through in-house grants and grants from external agencies, and (d) celebrating scholarship through publications and recognition awards.

The LS Reearch Office is located at the Office of the Vice President for Loyola Schools, Room 105, Ground floor, Xavier Hall,  Administration Building.


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