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Media & the Creative Arts Cluster

The Media and the Creative Arts (MCA) Cluster is a venue for forming leaders who are effective, creative and responsible media practitioners, and artists.  The four organizations in the cluster – the Loyola Film Circle (LFC), the Ateneo Association of Communication Majors (ACOMM), the Ateneo Collegiate Society of Advertising (CoSA) and the Ateneo Musicians’ Pool ((aMp)) – give impact to the Ateneo community through their own respective media specializations, advocacies, and art interpretation.  With distinct core competencies, each organization has its own way of shaping its members into creative and adept artists and communicators.  Whatever interests you have, be it journalism, cinema, production, music or advertising, MCA surely has something for you!

MCA is not just about movie marathons, jamming sessions, film production, and innovative advertising. True to COA’s vision of forming professionals for others, MCA has a strong social thrust that uses media and the creative arts as an effective vehicle for social change.  The competency trainings provided by all four organizations are directed towards serving others, and MCA aims to practice social responsibility by uplifting the standard of media and the arts in the Ateneo community, and by advocating media literacy, art criticism, and appreciation

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