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Health and Environment Cluster

The Health and Environment Cluster is a team geared towards the holistic development of the Filipino society through the empowerment of health and environment facets of the Ateneo community.  It presents avenues to cultivate responsible mountaineering, social health, peer guidance and logical environmentalism for both individual and the society.

The cluster has three member organizations: Loyola Mountaineers (LM), Ateneo Peers, Pre-Med Society of the Ateneo (PMSA), and Ateneo Environmental Science Society (ESS).

The Loyola Mountaineers forms individuals who are aware of the present state of nature and molds them into agents who will appreciate, protect, preserve, and conserve the environment through their own respective fields and interests.

Ateneo Peers is an organization that caters to the emotional and psychological wellness of both LS students and the outside communities through helping others help themselves in terms of identifying, and satisfying their emotional and psychological needs.

The Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo hopes to provide experiences and opportunities that cultivate in its members a perspective of health beyond its clinical aspect, and develop the ideals of the Atenean doctor – an outstanding clinician, a dynamic manager, and a social catalyst.

The AteneoEenvironmental Science Society is the premier organization of the Ateneo concerned with the promotion of logical environmentalism, which seeks to uphold not only the importance of environmental awareness but judicious involvement as well.

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