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High Impact Call Handling

The Customer Service Training Program involves three phases:

1st Phase involves the development of a standard script to be used by all frontline staff in handling telephone transactions for direct and local line.

2nd Phase involves training of frontline staff on the use of the standard script.

3rd Phase involves reinforcement of the skills learned to objectively measure compliance with the standard and reward best performance.

High Impact Call Handling

The program was developed to enhance the skill of frontline staff in handling telephone transactions. At the end of the half-day training, the participants will be able to understand the importance of communication techniques in telephone transactions and build professional image over the phone

Program Evaluation

To ensure that the skills learned during the High Impact Call Handling is practiced on the job, a committee on mystery calls is formed to make random calls to the participants of the program. This will reinforce the value of proper telephone handling as a vital means of achieving a culture of service excellence. An instrument in measuring compliance with the standards in telephone handling is used to reward best performance and encourage continuous improvement in giving excellent customer service.

Winners are chosen each round based on the consistent use of Telephone Standards and point system. Simple awarding ceremonies take place each time winners are announced.

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