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Master of Arts in Literature (Filipino)
(Thesis Option)

The Master of Arts in Literature (Filipino) Thesis Option is a composite program that is research-based and enriched by contemporary courses in literary and cultural studies. It is aimed at applicants with a good A.B. background who intend to pursue doctoral studies in Filipino literature and its related fields. Backed by a number of reading subjects and subjects on literary theory, this program is designed for students seeking a career in literary and cultural research, professional communication, and education.

The course work requires 12 units of required subjects, 12 units of subjects in the field of concentration, and 6 units of electives.


Required SUBJECTS                                                                                        12 units         

FIL 200            Methods of Literary Research                                           3 units
FIL 201            Literary Theory and Criticism                                        3 units
FIL 202           Literary Criticism in the Philippines                             3 units
FIL 203           A Critical History of Literature in the Philippines     3 units

Field of Concentration SUBJECTS                                                              12 units 

Any four subjects from the list below appropriate to the student’s field of concentration and the writing projects they undertake with the approval of the Academic Adviser

FIL 204              History of the Filipino Language                         3 units
FIL 205.1          Generic Studies: Filipino Poetry                                      3 units
FIL 205.2          Generic Studies: Filipino Drama                                      3 units
FIL 205.3          Generic Studies: Filipino Novel                                       3 units
FIL 205.4          Generic Studies: Filipino Short Fiction                              3 units
FIL 205.5          Generic Studies: Filipino Essay                                       3 units
FIL 206              A Critical Study of the Life and Works of Rizal              3 units
FIL 207              Philippine Literature in the 19th Century                          3 units
FIL 208.1          Critical Studies: Marxism in Philippine Literature 3 units
FIL 208.2          Critical Studies: Postcolonialism in Philippine              3 units

FIL 208.3          Critical Studies: Feminism in Philippine Literature    3 units
FIL 208.4          Critical Studies: Gender Studies in Philippine               3 units                                     Literature                    
FIL 209.1          Aboriginal Literature: Philippine Folk Literature         3 units
FIL 209.2          Aboriginal Literature: The Philippine Epic                      3 units
FIL 210.1          Philippine Regional Literature: A Diachronic Study     3 units
FIL 210.2          Philippine Regional Literature: A Synchronic Study    3 units
FIL 211.1          Popular Culture: Forms of Popular Culture                      3 units
                            in the Philippines
FIL 211.2          Popular Culture: Filipino Film and Literature                    3 units
FIL 212              Philippine Children’s Literature                                       3 units
FIL 213              Contemporary Forms of Philippine Prose                        3 units
FIL 214              Philippine Journalism                                                      3 units
FIL 215              Philippine Literature in English                                        3 units
FIL 216              National Literature: Theory and Canon                           3 units
FIL 217.1          Ideas in Literature: Eastern                                            3 units
FIL 217.2          Ideas in Literature: Western                                           3 units
FIL 218.1          Literary Traditions: Oriental                                           3 units
FIL 218.2          Literary Traditions: Islamic                                             3 units
FIL 218.3          Literary Traditions: Anglo-American                               3 units
FIL 219              The Literature of Southeast Asia                                                3 units
FIL 220.1          Teaching Methods: Teaching Literature on the                3 units

Tertiary Level                                                                          

FIL 220.2          Teaching Methods: Teaching Language and                    3 units
                            Composition on the Tertiary Level                                 

FIL 220.3          Teaching Methods: Teaching Literature and                    3 units
                            Composition on the Secondary Level                              3 units

FIL 220.4          Teaching Methods: Writing Poetry                                  3 units
FIL 220.5          Teaching Methods: Writing Prose Forms             3 units
FIL 220.6          Teaching Methods: Writing Plays                                   3 units
FIL 220.7          Teaching Methods: Production of Instructional                3 units

FIL 221.1          Creative Writing: Poetry                                                3 units
FIL 221.2          Creative Writing: Short Fiction                                        3 units
FIL 221.3          Creative Writing: Contemporary Prose Forms                 3 units
FIL 221.4          Creative Writing: Play                                                    3 units
FIL 221.5          Creative Writing: Children’s Literature                            3 units
FIL 221.6          Creative Writing: Forms of Popular Culture                     3 units
FIL 222.1          Translation: Theory                                                        3 units
FIL 222.2          Translation: Practice                                                      3 units
FIL 222.3          Translation: Analysis                                                      3 units
FIL 223.1          Technical Filipino for Academe                                      3 units
FIL 223.2          Technical Filipino in Media                                             3 units
FIL 224.1          Special Topics: Literary Relations                                   3 units
FIL 224.2          Special Topics: Literature and Art Studies                       3 units
FIL 224.3          Special Topics: Literature and Cultural Management    3 units
FIL 224.4          Special Topics: Literature and Globalism                     3 units
FIL 224.5          Special Topics: Contemporary Works I                           3 units
FIL 224.6          Special Topics: Contemporary Works II                          3 units 

ElectiveS                                                                                                                6 units        
Any two subjects from the above list or any other subjects in a related discipline
with the approval of the Academic Adviser

Language Requirement         A reading knowledge of a language other than Filipino and English, such as any of the Philippine languages or any foreign language to be validated by the Department
Comprehensive ExaminationS        
Thesis WRITING OR FOUR PAPERS AND ORAL DEFENSE                       
6 units

Master of arts in Literature (Filipino)
(Non-Thesis Option)

The Master of Arts in Literature (Filipino) Non-Thesis Option is a terminal program for students who do not intend to pursue doctoral studies but who want to upgrade their present professional status. The students are required to complete 39 units of course work (including 12 units of the required subjects) and to pass the two-part comprehensive examinations. To facilitate the students’ work, they are given the option to take the first part of the examinations after finishing 12 units of the required subjects. The second part of the examinations is given to them after the remaining 27 units are completed. Otherwise, they take the comprehensive examinations after all course work is done.

Pagpapakilala sa M.A. Panitikan (Filipino)

Tinutugunan ng M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) ang kasalukuyang pangangailangan para sa pampanitikan at kultural na pag-aaral, kritisismo at teorya, nang nagiging sensitibo sa mga isyung nabuksan ng globalisasyon. Binibigyan ang mga mag-aaral ng sapat na lawak ng babasahin na bubuuin ng mga akdang naisulat sa Pilipinas, Asya at pati na rin sa Kanluran, mula kanonikal hanggang popular na mga teksto. Isinasaalang-alang din ang pagsipat sa praxis ng wika sa panitikan o ang pagsasalikop ng landas ng wika at panitikan.

Bukas ang pinto ng programa sa mga guro ng elementarya, sekundarya at tersiyarya na nais pagyamanin ang pagtuturo nila ng iba’t ibang dulog sa batayang kasanayan sa pagbasa ng panitikan, pati na rin sa praktikal na paglalapat ng wika sa panitikan. Makatutulong ang programa sa mga mag-aaral na nais palalimin ang kaalaman nila sa panitikan at kulturang Pilipino upang higit na mapalinaw ang mga prinsipyo at polisiya nila sa larangan ng midya, pangangasiwa, at iba pang mga kultural na gawain.

Maaaring pumili ang mag-aaral sa tatlong programa na ibinibigay ng Kagawaran ng Filipino:

1) M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) – Thesis Program

Binibigyan ang mag-aaral na kukuha ng M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) – Thesis Program ng pagkakataon na pumili sa apat na sangay ng espesyalisasyon na sasagot sa naging mga partikular na udyok ng pagpasok sa programa, ayon sa pinagmumulan niyang larangan. Ang mga sumusunod ang apat na sangay ng espesyalisasyon:

  1. Pananaliksik: pananaliksik ang tesis na gagawin o katumbas na apat na sanaysay. Maaari ring maging malikhain ang tesis para sa mag-aaral na nailimbag nang manunulat.
  2. Pagtuturo: kalipunan ng mga banghay-aralin ang tesis.
  3. Malikhaing Pagsulat: antolohiya ng mga orihinal na akda ang tesis. Bukas para sa mga nagsisimula pa lamang magsulat.
  4. Pagsasalin: kalipunan ng mga isinaling akda ang tesis.

2) M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) –Pagtuturo ng Panitikan (Non-thesis Program)

Bukas ang M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) – Pagtuturo ng Panitikan (Non-thesis Program) para sa mga guro ng elementarya, sekundarya at tersiyarya na nais pagyamanin ang pagtuturo nila ng iba’t ibang dulog sa batayang kasanayan sa pagbasa ng panitikan, pati na rin sa praktikal na paglalapat ng wika sa panitikan. Sa halip na magpasa ng tesis, kinakailangan nilang kumuha ng karagdagang siyam (9) na yunit bukod pa sa regular na tatlumpong (30) yunit.

3) M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) – Straight Program

Maaari lamang kunin ang M.A. Panitikan (Filipino) – Straight Program ng mga mag-aaral na nagtapos ng A.B. Panitikan (Filipino) sa ilalim ng Kagawaran, at sa rekomendasyon ng Tagapangulo. Kinakailangang magpakita ng mataas na antas ng pagpapakadalubhasa sa panitikan ang mag-aaral mula pa sa kanyang mga asignatura sa antas-kolehiyo. Hindi dapat bababa sa “B” ang mga nakuha niyang marka sa A.B. Panitikan (Filipino).

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