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Principal Empowerment Program (PEP)
In the early 1990s, the Department of Education commissioned the Ateneo de Manila to conduct a research study on factors contributing to the high performance of schools given similar socio-economic conditions.  One of the key factors emerged is the Leadership of the School Principal.

It is in line with this research finding that the Ateneo Center for Educational Development recognizes the crucial and important role of the principal in the school development effort.  To train and empower school principals, ACED put in place the Principal Empowerment Program in SY 2005-2006.

This yearlong program has three phases:

Phase I: Colloquium

This phase aims to provide public elementary and secondary school principals with a venue for conversations on the important aspects of their roles and common concerns and challenges as they encounter in the process. The Colloquium features best practices and stories by selected leaders in the public education sector who have been successful in various aspects of principalship and leadership. This session does not only attempt to re-define leadership in light of the DepEd’s “School First” Policy but also tries to contextualize the challenges and concerns raised by the participants during the workshops, which would prepare them in the succeeding academic modules/sessions (phases 2 & 3) in the schoolyear, by strengthening their competencies, improving their beliefs and attitudes, and in the process, increasing their effectiveness.

Phases II and III: Academic Modules

Phases II and III of the program will constitute eight (8) Saturday sessions spread during the first and second semester of the schoolyear.  These sessions provide in-depth analysis, theoretical inputs and practical remedies to address the concerns raised during the Colloquium with emphasis on ethics and principled decision-making. The sessions will be facilitated by a team of administrators from the Ateneo de Manila University as well as respected practitioners from the public education sector.  A combination of case studies, sharing of best practices and coaching is applied.

ACED is a firm believer of collaborative endeavors among the stakeholders in social development efforts particularly in the field of public education.

For inquiries please contact

Project Officer for Leadership Training and Development
Trunkline: 426-6001 local 4028
Telefax: 426-5693

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