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Time and again, as educators we are challenged by the whitewater currents of change that move this shifting global landscape. It is an era where the profound shifts in technology radically redefine our notion of teaching.  With the revolutionary changes that occur unpredictably, we have to constantly keep abreast of the latest developments in various fields of influence to our youth such as media. Necessarily, this is why educators are encouraged to continually enrich themselves through studies, seminars and linkages.

It is true that as leaders in education, we need to not only catch up with the accelerated pace of these changes but also blaze the trail for the others to follow. Yet as torchbearers of culture, we also have to teach our students to honor and preserve some of the worthwhile traditions that the school values. Traditions that, through the years have carved a lasting imprint in the collective memory of the school.

What readily comes to mind would be the rituals of prayer that mark such memorable occasions like the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels and the Mass of the Holy Spirit. These annual community events have become hallmarks of what we proudly regard as the Ateneo way.

However, there are other traditions in the school that somehow are at the periphery of school life and escape our consciousness but are nevertheless  worth preserving .

The Boy Scouts movement would be one of these proud traditions.

Leafing through the tattered pages of our aged yearbooks even as far back as 1949, one will see that the scouting movement has remained to be a constant force in the life of the Ateneo Grade School Student.  Looking  at the pictures, one could not evade a surge of nostalgia as the pictures narrate strangely familiar scenes. These photographs depicting boys clad in para military uniforms, gracing special occasions like assemblies, participating in camps and carrying out special responsibilities like the flag detail, appear deceivingly like images of the just

recent past.  Somehow, the many decades that have passed have in no way eroded the timeless value of the rituals so often associated with Scouting, the rituals of investiture, pasa masid and camping.

Even despite the variations in the scouts’ uniform , and also in spite of the
christening to a more Filipinized name  ( from CUB to KAB ) , the scouting movement , and the principles that it represents have remained strong and pervasive : Loyalty to country, environmentalism,  hard work, value for labor and love for God


Camp  out 2009 with St Mary's and Miriam

Kab Clean up Day

Kab Sports Fest

Calatagan Mid Year Camp 2006

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