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COCA- The Student Activities
Choosing a club is a lot like choosing food from a menu in a restaurant : you choose what you, like keeping in mind that which is also good for your health.

Clubs are avenues for you to learn very important lessons in life, lessons that are sometimes not readily available in the books  that you read or the lessons that you learn inside the classroom. This is why the school feels that the club experience should be experienced by every student. Thus,  as you enter  grade 2 up till you reach grade  7 you will have the fortune of being a member of a club. 

To  help you in this undertaking,  take note of the  following:

1.  All Students in grade 2 are required to be KAB ISAWTS while all the other students from grade 3 to 7 are required to choose a club and be a member of that club for the rest of the year.

2. Club days are scheduled once every week :  The Grade 2 and 3 clubs meetings are scheduled every Friday , from 1:30-2:30 while the Grade 4-7 clubs are scheduled every Thursday from 1:40-2:50.

3. Students from Grade 2-7 are graded by their club moderators for their participation in their clubs. It is therefore important for club members to show effort and exhibit good behavior during club meetings.

4. If you are a member of  a varsity team, you are asked to choose another club that is different from your varsity sport . This is because  the varsity sports clubs have a different schedule for training.  The sports clubs that meet during  the schedules mentioned in number 2 are not varsity clubs. They are mostly for beginners.

5. Finally find time to check out with your parents the downloadable forms below to get more important information that will help you decide on what club to join .

May you have a meaningful club experience this schoolyear! Should you have further questions don't hesitate to email


Young Tekkies Club

Kartunista Club

Guitar Club Video 1

Guitar Club Video 2

Bleu Chefs

Phi Epsilon Alpha

Junior ACT

Drum Club

ACT Batang Rizal Ad

Primary School Club List and Sign-up Form [PDF 220KB]

Middle School Club List and Sign-up Form
[PDF 237KB]

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