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Sibayan, Marie Angelica S.

Your teammates would describe you as: ....STEPH....

Pre-game Ritual: Stretching? 

Lucky Charm: Hmm.. can’t say I have one

Personal Motto: Don't think I have one either

Person you admire the most: Can’t say I admire one person most, maybe my coaches and parents.

Best experience as an Ateneo Athlete: Joining the team

5 Things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime:

1. Graduate from college

2. Go around Europe

3. Go back to

4. Get a job that will allow me to do these things and

5. To be able to think of a fifth one.


Unusual hobbies: Don’t think I have an unusual hobby..

Childhood crush: Secret!

The best movie ever is: Serendipity or 300?

I just can’t live life without: My cellphone :)

Favorite place in Ateneo: 3rd floor of caf or com dept

Favorite Subject: Not sure I have one.

Best teacher: Mr. Casteneda


If you could take home a memorabilia from the ADMU campus, what would it be? Hmm.. a letter from one of the buildings, preferably an “A” it seems more    meaningful I guess.

If you could have any super power what would it be? Telekinesis

If you had 50 million pesos, what’s the first thing you would do? Go shopping!

If you were given a chance to date a Hollywood actor/actress, who would it be? I would say Brad Pitt but he is too old for me, so.. Oliver James <3

If you were given a lifetime supply of something, what would it be? Food :)

If there was one person you could bring back from the dead, who would it be? My dad’s father.

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Nickname: Mica

Year and Course: 2 AB Communications

High School: Brent International School Manila

Weight: 120 lbs.

Height: 5’2

Position played: Training for heptathlon