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Arayata, Angelo Christian T.

Your teammates would describe you as: A necessary evil

Pre-game ritual: I hum the tune of “Eye In The Sky” by The Alan Parsons Project.

Lucky charm: A talisman from a person very special to me.

Personal motto: Never run away from glory.

Person you admire most: Michael Schumacher

Best experience as an Ateneo athlete: Bringing home victory.

5 things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime:

1.) I want to win the UAAP Championship.

2.) I want to shave Donald Trump’s head.

3.) I want to continue being a transforming difference to someone significant in my life.

4.) I want to meet and talk to Tony Blair.

5.) I want to surprise myself in the best way possible.

Unusual hobbies: Reading and collecting various essays and articles about Michael Schumacher

Childhood crush: Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
The best movie ever is: Road to Perdition

I just cant live without: People who believe in me.
Favorite place in the Ateneo: Moro Lorenzo Weights Room 2nd Floor
Favorite subject: Lit 13

Best teacher: Mr. Danton Remoto


If you could take home a memorabilia from the ADMU campus, what would it be? The statue of Horacio dela Costa, S.J.

If you could have any super-power, what would it be? Super strength

If you had 50 million pesos, what's the first thing you'd do? I would buy an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.

If you were given a chance to date a Hollywood actor/actress, who would it be? Keira Knightley

If you were given a lifetime supply of something, what would it be? Mueller Tape

If there was one person you could bring back from the dead, who would it be? One of the greatest Formula 1 drivers ever, Ayrton Senna

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Nickname: Geelo

Year & Course: 1 AB-MA Political Science

High School: Ateneo de Manila High School

Weight:198 lbs.

Height: 5’9”

Position played: Thrower